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Group leaders came to the company inspection work in the first half of 2013 Guoxin


In July 24, 2013, the company chairman, party secretary Hong Wei, general manager of Yan Facang and the relevant personnel of the inspection teams of our 2013 first half of the production and operation of the inspection work.

Inspection teams in the conference room on the second floor of the company heard the Guoxin company chairman, party secretary Nan Haihao about our 2013 on half a year in production and management, the construction of marketing system, construction project, safety management and other aspects of the report.

Leadership of the company, after listening to the reports, Guoxin company half of the production and operation of the arrangements for the deployment of and put forward the request: one is in the market marketing to face reality, clarify ideas, emancipate the mind, while maintaining stability. Second, in personnel training, to be creative and to work, rely on the strength of existing technology, give full play to their creativity, to create Guoxin company's technical team; the third is in the budget management, to improve understanding of the comprehensive budget management, and play a leading role of the comprehensive budget management in the production and management. Four is to continue to play a role of good party work in the human resources of the security services, and closely combining the actual, do a good job in "the party's mass line of educational practice.

For group supervision team, the issues and recommendations, chairman Nan Haihao requirement company must attach great importance to and seriously think about, in order to ensure the production and operation of enterprises and the work in an orderly way at the same time, more balanced, and strive to achieve production and development and construction of two not mistake, to ensure that implement various tasks, to achieve tangible results.